The Importance of E-commerce in the Time of Coronavirus

The Covid-19 emergency has overturned the dynamics and purchasing behavior. Opening e-commerce now becomes a necessity to stem the crisis and respond to new needs.

The Coronavirus is completely changing the daily lives of people and businesses. Confined to the home, consumers search the web for answers to their purchasing needs and see e-commerce as a means of shopping without endangering their health.

According to the data provided by GfK in Italy, in these lockdown weeks, they had a real boom in e-commerce with an average amount of expenditure that grew by +26%.

The blockage of many activities and the fear of contagion has, in fact, led millions of people to choose e-commerce as their preferred purchasing channel.

In this emergency context, online stores represent an effective response to the crisis and a new short and long-term business opportunity.

Coronavirus And E-commerce: It’s the Right Time to Open an Online Store!

The measures imposed by the government of different countries to deal with the Covid-19 emergency provided for the closure of commercial activities which do not supply basic necessities. These are drastic but necessary measures to stem the spread of the epidemic.

It is not yet clear how long this restrictive period will last and this should push companies and commercial activities to face their “technological deficiencies” to open up to new businesses.

If until now a shop had not dedicated resources to e-commerce, now is the time to do it to give a concrete change to its business that would otherwise be destined to close or suffer heavy losses.

Create Your E-commerce Store And Start Selling Online

There are various CMS that lets you create an e-commerce store on your domain. Some of these are free and some come with monthly or annual plans. Once set up, you can simply add your product images and description and start selling online.

Don’t forget to set up the payment method! 😉

Shopify is one of the popular CMS and ideal solution to build an e-commerce site, perfect also from mobile, in an easy and fast way. With Shopify, you just need to connect your domain and the rest is handled by them. This means no hosting worries.

Once set up, you can customize your pages by simply selecting and releasing photos and other elements directly on the site. You will only have to set the payment methods and the shipping methods and you can start selling online in a totally safe way. Shopify also includes an SSL Certificate to protect all your customers’ personal information and credit card information during transactions.

Security is a fundamental part of e-commerce, now more than ever. With Coronavirus, in fact, the sites where online fraud is attempted to have multiplied, but with an SSL Certificate, you can guarantee a secure connection and your customers will feel protected.

Your E-commerce Beyond the Covid-19 Crisis

The current Coronavirus emergency will end, people will be able to get out again and stores will reopen.

What will change when everything returns to normal? How will people’s purchasing behavior change?

In this emergency, many people approached e-commerce for the first time for reasons of necessity, but what until now was considered only an “alternative purchasing channel” could become a new normal.

Indeed, it is expected that the significant percentage increase in the weight of online purchases will tend to consolidate even after the crisis thanks to the greater confidence in e-commerce technologies and to the greater confidence in e-commerce in general.

Starting today to sell online, therefore, has undoubted advantages both in the immediate future, to be able to carry on your business even in times of crisis, and to open up new opportunities that will increasingly take the field even in the long term.

Once created, your online store will remain active and functional even when the Coronavirus emergency has passed and you can finally open your business to a wider market, selling your products outside the city or country in which you have always operated.

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