Online Business Plan Checklist

I always have clients who want to start their own business online but don’t know how to start. In this article, I’ve explained the 5 steps strategy that I have used myself and I also recommend to my clients.

The 5 Steps to Build an Online Business

  1. Decide on a specific problem that you want to solve with your offer and target a specific target group.
  2. Create a website with helpful solutions to your problem. Be sure to offer a free gift against the provision of email addresses. With this, you build up an address list of potential customers.
  3. Help your target group in FB groups and forums to solve their problems and at the same time offer them your free gift.
  4. Offer one-on-one consultations at an affordable rate. In this way, you gain experience and build up a customer base at the same time.
  5. Develop a coaching program that helps several people solve a specific problem at the same time.

With a coaching program, you can really make a good living by helping people solve their biggest problems. But this only works if the program offers a really helpful solution and if you know people who have trust that your offer is helpful.

You Need Two Things:

  1. The ability to develop helpful solutions.
  2. Fans who see you as an expert and trust you.

You get these 2 things automatically when you are ready to invest a lot of time & energy in steps 2-3.

“Before earning comes service.”

– Henry Ford

Anyone who tells you that success comes overnight is just not being honest with you. If you want to build something, you first need to gain experience by helping people with free content.

Do you have any questions about this strategy or website creation? Then write a comment. I am here and happy to help you!

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