10 Biggest Mistakes When Starting an Online Business

Are you thinking about starting your own online business? Then you are not alone. More people than ever want to gain a foothold online. It’s also really tempting: work from wherever you want, free time, more money with less effort through scalable products, online courses, etc.

I myself am active in the online business and I am very happy about my decision and this opportunity. It gives me the flexibility to balance my job and family. And I have a lot of fun learning new things and developing myself further.

Unfortunately, it is often suggested how easy it is to make a lot of money quickly with courses, premium programs or as an affiliate.

After years of own online business and exchange with colleagues, I can say that it is possible to live from an online business and to be found by customers who want to work with you. If you have the right idea, did the hard work and perseverance a lot learn new things and try and correct that accompany people up here.

And yes, there are also many who cannot make a living from their online business. The reasons for this can be different, but the same mistakes always occur.

Mistake #1: You Don’t Love What You Do

It is often obvious to start your own business with a job that you have already done and can already do. Or something you think you can make good money with. But the mistake is that you did not consider whether it is really the topic that you enjoy and what you like to jump out of bed for in the morning. If you don’t like what you offer, at some point you will not be able to show perseverance. We make ourselves independent so that we can realize ourselves. Your prospects will notice whether you like doing your job or not.

Mistake #2: You Have an Oversized Veal Tray

Even if it still worked offline, that you had a range of different offers and could help everyone with it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work online. I also often have to help my customers sort out their offer and position themselves more sharply if they want to win customers online. Website visitors who land on a website where too much is offered are confused. If they are confused, they are quickly gone.

However, if you take care of a clear problem, for which you have the solution, this strengthens you as an expert and you will be noticed for your topic.

Mistake #3: You Don’t Know Your Target Group Or You Don’t Know Enough

If you do not know exactly who your ideal customer is, it will cost you time, money, orders, etc. Yes, it is a tedious task for many to deal with it (again and again). But only if you know who you want to address and what makes this person tick – what their problems are and what solution they want – can you communicate too effectively and also create the right offers.

Mistake #4: Directly Creating a Course And Hoping Someone is Already Buying It

When it comes to online business, many people think of making automated money by “online courses”. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to start your business directly with online courses without ever having experience with your own customers. However, you learn most of it in 1:1 cooperation with customers. There you can find out what your customers really need from you.

You optimize your strategy as you move it from A to B. From these experiences, you can offer much better to the customers who purchase your course. You know what they actually need and what will help them. You know which words you have to use in the speech so that potential customers feel understood.

Mistake # 5: Too Little Focus

One of the most fatal mistakes is having no focus. 1000 ideas, but none of them really to be pursued. This today, tomorrow that…. Focus is the key. Concentrate on one thing first and then keep track of it for a while before adding another. If you stay tuned and focused, you will eventually succeed.

Mistake #6: Want To Build Your Online Business With Free Content

I keep reading on Facebook that there are people who are not willing to invest money in their business. There are even those who nag openly when an offer is made in a group where they dust off free information. When you think of the great role models you might have, do you mean that they got there with free offers?

Why can’t that work? You would have to spend an enormous amount of time searching for the content yourself. You will certainly find good tips, but the big picture and the tips tailored to you are always missing. And I am also convinced that if you spend little or no money on your business yourself, you will also attract such customers.

I have invested a lot in my business and it has always paid off. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be nearly there today.

Mistake #7: Chasing False Promises

Unfortunately, in advertising, it is often the case that false promises attract customers. It’s no different online. So it is often suggested how easy and quick it is to build a business, to earn 5 or even 6 digits a month. I think a business needs time to grow. As you get better at what you do, your earnings will increase.

But be prepared that in most cases this will take some time. You have to build trust and reach first. So it is highly recommended to start and develop the business on the side. You will probably start working more than ever before. But your hard work and perseverance will pay off in the long run.

Mistake #8: The Wrong Attitude

Because you become what you think. Your inner attitude determines your success. Inside as well as outside. Are you afraid of visibility? Are you someone who thinks big or rather small? Do you believe in yourself and your business idea? Are you ready to do something for your success? How much commitment do you have? Your results on the outside are an indication of what is going on inside you.

Mistake #9: Offering the Wrong Products

You offer something that you think is needed. But nobody buys? This shows how important it is to know your own target group well. And the best way to get to know them is to learn from them. Find your first customers, if maybe free of charge. But you will learn so much about what they need, how you can best help them and what results you can achieve for them. You can also see where you still have gaps, where you have to learn and improve something. You learn along with every customer and refine your product more and more.

Mistake #10: The Wrong Prices

A fatal mistake that is made is not commensurate in paying for one’s performance. Calculate really how much you have to take in a month so that after deducting fixed costs, costs for further training, taxes, insurance, etc. enough is left for you. It is often not enough to make a living or not even what you deserve as an employee. Many self-employed people work themselves out of work and are caught in the hamster wheel again because they have to work so many hours to get enough.  


Online business is a great thing if you approach it with realistic expectations, joy and ambition.

A good, strategic website is also part of a well-functioning online business.

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