The Best WordPress Themes 2023

The best design templates for your website.

A big advantage of WordPress is the possibility to use themes. WordPress Themes are design templates for your website, which you can easily integrate and customize with just one click.

WordPress templates are either free or available for a one-time small fee. They also enable laypersons to create professional layouts in record time.

Web design companies also often use WP themes to build websites, because this eliminates a large part of the work. With WordPress templates, you can offer your customers the development of high-quality websites at a much cheaper price.

In the following, I give you an overview of the best WordPress themes and tell you what you should pay particular attention to when choosing a theme.

Free WordPress Themes

There are currently over 1800 free WordPress themes available in the WordPress Theme Directory. These themes can be installed directly from the WordPress dashboard.

To do this, click on Design > Themes in the WordPress Dashboard and then on the Install button. Then you get to the interface with which you can easily search for free themes and install them immediately.

Other Sources of Free WordPress Templates:

  • Site Origin: Nice free themes with free Pagebuilder plugin for easy customization
  • Top WP Themes: A collection of beautiful free WP Themes
  • Dino Themes: This platform presents over 3000 free WordPress themes.

Premium WordPress Theme Provider

In addition to the free themes, there are also premium WordPress themes for a small one-time fee. These templates are developed by web designers, some of whom work on their perfection for several months and also constantly develop the web design templates.

I especially advise beginners to buy a premium theme. Because for the low one-time fee you get a design that would have previously cost a few thousand dollars.

The themes presented here can also be easily adapted without programming knowledge. And by purchasing a premium theme, you get free support. If you encounter a problem building your WordPress website, you can email the theme developers for advice.

The Best Premium Theme Platforms:

  • Elegant Themes: Here you can access 87 themes for only $69. The themes are particularly easy to adapt using a built-in website kit.
  • Themeforest: One of the largest platforms for professional WordPress themes. At Themeforest you will find the right design template for almost every type of website.
  • Studiopress: The themes of Studiopress convince with excellent programming, particularly fast loading times and SEO optimization. However, basic CSS knowledge is required to adapt to the design. Therefore, these templates are the best choice, especially for advanced users.

Premium Theme Recommendations

The following WordPress themes are particularly interesting for beginners without programming knowledge. Because they have all integrated different design templates and offer many functions for easy adjustment of the layout.

Divi – The best WordPress theme for beginners

The publication of the Divi theme has attracted a lot of attention in the WordPress community. This template comes with a variety of design templates and offers many integrated functions for easy customization.

In addition to templates for different page types, templates for an online shop with the Woocommerce plugin are also included. With the integrated editor, the design and all elements can be easily adapted without programming knowledge.

In short: With the Divi Theme, you get everything you need to create your own website, even if you are a beginner and have no programming knowledge. For the price of $89 you get access to all other themes and plugins from Elegant Themes in addition to the Divi theme and you can use the themes for an unlimited number of websites.

Price: $89 for all 87 themes
rating: ★★★★★

Total Theme – A Nice Template for Company Websites

The clear layout of this WordPress theme is particularly suitable for company websites. This theme also includes 11 full design templates. And the included Pagebuilder plug-in “Visual Composer” makes it easier to set up a website because all design elements can be easily adapted without programming knowledge. The Total Theme also includes templates for an online shop with the Woocommerce plugin.

The possibility of simply adapting this template makes the Total Theme very interesting, especially for beginners.

Price: $59
User Rating: ★★★★★

X Theme – Probably the Most Versatile WordPress Theme

For a long time, the X Theme was the best-selling WordPress theme on the Themeforest platform. And not without reason. Because this theme already contains 4 different design templates that can be adopted with just a few clicks. And the new version also includes the Page Builder Cornerstone. This means that content can be changed directly on the website and you can immediately see what the change will look like without having to click Refresh as before.

Like the Total Theme, the X Theme also contains templates for the implementation of an online shop with the Woocommerce plugin

The Pagebuilder makes the X Theme particularly interesting for beginners because it makes it even easier to create and change all design elements.

Price: $35
User Rating: ★★★★★

Thrive Themes – Create Optimized Landing Pages

A landing page is a homepage that is optimized so that as many visitors to your website as possible carry out the actions that you have set as goals for your website. For example, one goal could be that your visitors subscribe to your newsletter or that they buy a product from you.

The Thrive team specializes in the particularly simple creation of such optimized landing pages. Thrive Themes currently offers 5 different templates for $ 49 each. These are delivered with a particularly simple page builder, with which you can quickly create visually appealing and sales-optimized pages without having to write a line of code.

For $19/month, Thrive Themes also offers membership with access to all plugins and themes. Especially if you are a beginner and do not have much experience with the optimization of websites, this membership is worthwhile in any case.

Because with the various functions that are easy to use for beginners, you also automatically get the know-how you need to create optimized landing pages. As a special service, Thrive even offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee that can be redeemed without reason.

Price: $49

User Rating: ★★★★★

General Tips for Theme Research

Of course, there are countless other themes for WordPress besides my recommendations. When looking for the perfect template for your website, you should consider the following points.

1. Start Planning

In my article on website planning, I advised you to start writing the text right from the start. I want to remind you of that now. Because the design of your homepage should pack your content as nicely as possible.

The most important function of the layout is certainly the clear presentation of the information that you want to disseminate. That is why finding the right design template is much easier once the content has already been determined.

Think about what features your perfect theme needs to support. For example, if you need an image slider or a portfolio, you should look for a theme that already includes these functions.

2. Is the Theme Easily Customizable?

If you realize afterward that you cannot implement a certain function or design change with your theme without a programmer, it can be very annoying and expensive if you have to hire someone extra.

So think about how easy it is to customize your theme right from the start and if in doubt, choose a theme with a page builder so that you can implement design adjustments even without programming knowledge.

3. Does Your Website Fit the Topic?

Many WordPress themes are created for specific niches. Often, these themes also have functions that are particularly required in the respective niche. For example, themes for photographers always contain functions for creating a pretty picture gallery.

This can be very beneficial and make your job easier. But keep in mind that niche themes cannot usually be customized indefinitely. Therefore, if you choose a niche theme, you should choose one that fits the niche of your website.

4. Are There Regular Updates for the Theme?

There are usually regular updates for all premium themes. These are necessary so that your WordPress installation remains secure and that your website is not suddenly displayed incorrectly.

With free themes, you have to check when the last update was released. I would definitely not use any themes for which there have been no updates for several months.

Got Questions?

I hope that the information on this page will help you find the best theme for your website. And if you still have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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