7 Advantages of an E-commerce Store Over the Physical Store

Are you thinking of opening an online store? I will tell you what are the 7 advantages that an e-commerce site offers compared to the traditional one!

1. Less Cost = More Savings!

Opening an e-commerce store means totally reducing the fixed and variable costs that a physical store has. Expenses for renting or purchasing a room, costs for electricity and various utilities, expenses for furnishing and setting up the shop, staff exits, etc. In other words: savings!

2. Always Open: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

During the day, at night, on holidays or working days: your visitors will always find your shop open. You will have a complete presence and not only in the time slots and on the days when a physical store is usually open. All this without necessarily having a salesperson always there.
The sales opportunities are greater!

3. No More Borders: Your Audience Will Be National And International!

You won’t just have customers from the neighborhood or city where the physical store is located. A shop on the net is visible to everyone, beyond national borders, to a potentially infinite public, scattered throughout the world and constantly growing. Why stop a few kilometers from your club? Expand your boundaries and your business!

4. No Accumulation of Warehouse Stocks

Thanks to increasingly advanced and efficient software, you will be able to check your warehouse in real-time and better manage orders. You will know which are the best selling products, which are about to end and make specific promotions, focusing on the sense of urgency and increase impulse purchases. You will avoid the inefficient accumulation of warehouse stocks!

5. You Will Know Everything About Your Customers!

You can have valuable data and information about your visitors (even if they live on the other side of the world). You will understand who the “typical customers” of your shop are, what they want, what their interests and tastes are, what they buy and what they don’t buy (yes, this information is also important!). You will be able to analyze everything and see how they change over time. What is the advantage of having all this data available? I’ll explain it to you in the next point!

6. Offer Personalized Discounts And Promotions

If you know your visitors well, you can make communications tailored to them. You can make targeted messages appear when they browse your e-commerce or if they have given you consent to receive communications, you can send them messages (for example when they abandon the purchase process or if the product they have searched for does not available anymore) by offering a discount. Your goal is to sell more: the more you satisfy the needs of your customers, the more they will trust you and buy from you!

7. “Chase” Your Customers With Remarketing Activities

When a visitor browses your site, you will be able to know the path they have taken, which pages they have visited, what they have searched for, if they have purchased and what they have purchased. Thanks to this information, you can create remarketing campaigns, that is, you will be able to find your customers on the net after they have left your online store, and show them targeted messages based on the behavior they have had on your online store. For example, if a customer has seen a shirt on your site, but has not purchased it, you can show him that item of clothing while browsing other websites, so as to return it to your e-commerce to buy!


Considering the many advantages that an e-commerce store offers compared to the physical store, and that creating it has become very easy, thanks to modern software that is increasingly advanced and easy to use, you just have to try!

What are you waiting for? Create your e-commerce store and start earning online now!

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